Journalism 2.0

Yesterday I did a lesson on RSS feeds and Google Reader with Mr. Tamanini’s 2nd period Journalism class; here is our pathfinder at .  Many of the kids seemed really impressed with the concept of RSS—most had never heard of it!  They also seemed excited about the uses for Google Reader, too.  We looked at … Continue reading

Leading the Horses to Water

For the last two weeks, we have been working with Ms. Lester’s ESOL students on their research paper.  These students are exploring veterans’ issues with a focus on homeless veterans.  Although this was their first experience in the library, they jumped right into the pathfinder we created for them.  Using our bookmarks and tags … Continue reading

Article 1 Reflections: “Meaningful, Engaged Learning”

“Meaningful, Engaged Learning” Reflection 1 December 4, 2007Buffy Hamilton   Responsible for their own learning engaged learning Challenging, authentic, and multidisciplinary engaged learning Collaboration engaged learning Authentic engaged learning Problem-based learning integrated engaged learning Performance based assessment engaged learning Knowledge-building community engaged learning Diversity engaged learning Flexibility engaged learning Heterogeneous engaged learning Equity engaged learning Teacher=Facilitator, … Continue reading