Pageflakes As a Personal Learning Network Portal: Learning and Research 2.0

Back in January, I wrote a post about Pageflakes and the screencast we had created for our media center.  Now Joyce Valenza has inspired me with her latest blog post  about ways we can use Pageflakes with our patrons!  As Joyce points out, we can certainly use iGoogle with our patrons to help them design … Continue reading

Engaged Learner Class Response 4: Impact of Interactive Whiteboards

Student Engagement, Visual Learning and Technology:  Can Interactive Whiteboards Help? William D. Beeland, Jr. At our last session of our Engaged Learning class for Media 21, our discussion centered around whether or not interactive whiteboards make a difference in creating engaged learners.  We seemed to come a consensus as a group that these tools … Continue reading

Engaged Learning Class Session 3 Reflections: Schools of the Future

After listening to each group’s responses to our discussion questions (“Would you want to be a part/teach at this school?”) last Tuesday night, it struck me that so many answers hinged on “test scores” and “how will they will be evaluated?.  For many people, NCLB and the emphasis on standardized testing played a key role … Continue reading

Article 1 Reflections: “Meaningful, Engaged Learning”

“Meaningful, Engaged Learning” Reflection 1 December 4, 2007Buffy Hamilton   Responsible for their own learning engaged learning Challenging, authentic, and multidisciplinary engaged learning Collaboration engaged learning Authentic engaged learning Problem-based learning integrated engaged learning Performance based assessment engaged learning Knowledge-building community engaged learning Diversity engaged learning Flexibility engaged learning Heterogeneous engaged learning Equity engaged learning Teacher=Facilitator, … Continue reading