It’s “Tweet”!: Twitter, A Seriously Fun Social Networking Tool


Last summer, I registered for a Twitter account, but drifted away it from it quickly as I thought it was more of a “fun” social networking tool that did not have any real meaningful application.


I reconnected with Twitter last week thanks to my friend Stephen Rahn at the Kennesaw State Ed Tech Center.  In the last week, here is what I have found and/or accomplished thanks to my connections on Twitter:

As you can see, Twitter can be a great resource for networking with other people and sharing resources in real time.   You can Twitter me at!  Come join in this fun way of learning and networking with others!

In addition, here are some ideas for using Twitter in your library:

2 Responses to “It’s “Tweet”!: Twitter, A Seriously Fun Social Networking Tool”
  1. ken says:

    Yep. Twitter can, despite its shallow premise, prove valuable as a resource sharing platform.

    But finding a way to use it in a class is a whole different issue.

    Some things are best left out of the ed/tech discussion.

    Tweet, tweet!

  2. Hi Ken!

    Really? Why do you feel Twitter is not a good classroom application?

    I had collected these resources for using Twitter in our library program:


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