Journalism 2.0

Yesterday I did a lesson on RSS feeds and Google Reader with Mr. Tamanini’s 2nd period Journalism class; here is our pathfinder at .

 Many of the kids seemed really impressed with the concept of RSS—most had never heard of it!  They also seemed excited about the uses for Google Reader, too.  We looked at RSS feeds for major news outlets and talked about how to capture those feeds into their Google Reader account.  It was interesting to see how some did not care at all, but how many took to the concepts like a duck to water! 

The students have had an assignment in which they have been building a page in FrontPage—the Creekview Claw is currently hosted under Mr. Tamanini’s web directory.  One of the students, Falyn, was frustrated by FrontPage and asked me for some help today during her lunch period.  We talked about some options for FrontPage, but then I asked her if she was interested in setting up her own “journalist” blog.  She immediately said yes, and 30 minutes later, here is what she and I had built together:

This may not look like much at this point, but I cannot tell you how excited and proud she was of what she accomplished today.  Mr. Tamanini and I have discussed the option for next year of him creating a master blog that will be the “host” of the online edition of the newspaper.  I am going to show him how to add users so students can add content to the blog, but he will have final moderation approval.  I think it would be cool for each student journalist to have his/her own blog, too—those could be linked in under the blogroll.

Falyn’s eagerness to jump in and try the blogging was energizing and refreshing.  She is going to come in for help over the next few days during lunch, and I am going to teach her some basic concepts of blogging.  I was sure to also review online safety procedures as well, and she was very receptive to that discussion.  🙂


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